The Park has hosted weddings and private family celebrations for more than a century.
Whether you come for the shooting of your wedding pictures, to organize a cocktail or to spend your entire ceremony, you will love the park. Set in a romantic and natural setting, the park is listed in the Inventory of Historic Monuments. Make sure to choose the place where the most beautiful day of your life becomes unforgettable.

You will find on this page all the possibilities that the park offers when it is closed to the public.

The park also hosts communion promenades and family souvenir pictures ... For these and any other special requests, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

The Park For your wedding, the park opens its garden (upper part of the park). It is an ideal place for romantic photos and creating a special moment for your wedding. Discover the different areas that are available:

Places for photography

L'ancienne chaumière du jardinier (18ème siècle)
The former gardener’s cottage / 18th century

Le puits de l'ancien château (Datant de 1848)
Well the old castle /built in 1848

Les escaliers de l'ancien château (Datant de 1848)
The stairs of the old castle/ built in 1848

Le Parc et ses fleurs
The garden and the flowers

The reception area : The Tea Room The Tea Room was built on the site of the old castle. The stairs date 1848. Under a thatched roof, the Tea Room is truly welcoming for guests who can contemplate the whole garden through large windows on all sides . Charming and functional, its 100 square meters can accommodate your guests for a standing reception or a sit down meal .
The two outer reception areas Around the tea room, two large areas allow the establishment of large tents or the holding of large-scale animations.

Behind the Tea Room stands the former French Garden.
Its structure and design date from 1848. It can be accessed by delicate antique granite stairs. Central in the Garden of the Park, it is the ideal place to host a large food tent and a dance hall.

In front of the Tea Room, the Forum is a large area of ​​natural grassland. With an easy access along the footpaths, it is the perfect venue for your reception entertainment. It offers a beautiful view of the park and surrounding hills.

Other amenities :
• Monumental entrance driveway
• Parking for 60 cars on grass
• 4 toilets / no disabled toilets

three possibilities for your wedding

Wedding photographies in the Park
Photos portraits of the married couple
Park opens itself beautifully to romantic photos of the newlyweds. The delicate cottage, massive large flowers beds, beautiful trees will be the backdrop for your celebration.

Photos portraits of the married couple and group photo (stepless)
Beyond the romantic spaces, the open spaces of the Park and the height of the tea room terrace allows to take photos of groups easily.

To allow you to make all the pictures you want, we offer a package of 1 hour of 2 hours. This will give you plenty of time to organize the group and get the best pictures.

Photos portraits of the married couple and group photo (with steps)
Beyond romantic spaces, large areas of the garden allow easy installation of bleachers for large gatherings.
To allow you to easily take these photos, we offer a package of 4 hours (including installation /removal of the steps) .

The park does not provide the structures and bleachers and is not involved in assembling and dismantling the bleachers. The company that puts the structure in place will need to demonstrate it has all the necessary insurances for this type of service .

Note that it is also possible to take pictures at the lake or on the lake. Specific fees apply for this option (downhill drive to Lake / provision of a boat for pictures on the lake, near the shore). Contact us directly for more information.

Rates 2015 :
Package 1 hour : 25€
Package 2 hours : 35€
Package 4 hours (2 hours Photo / 2 hours for assembly and disassembly ): 45€

For any questions, requests for clarification or reservations, please contact us by mail or 02 33 51 64 09 (answering machine) .

Wedding cocktail party
Why not take advantage of the park’s enchanting setting for your wedding cocktail ? The beauty of the place and the Tea Room will turn this moment into pure sharing pleasure for you and your guests .
For your cocktail, the park offers the Tearoom with:
• Covered area of 100m2
• Terrace
• Cocktails or seated meal
• Access for disabled
• Receiving equipment : tables and chairs, large umbrellas outside
• Technical equipment : refrigerator, small freezer, water, electricity / No oven or cooking ability. No heating.
The park does not handle any food service.

Rates 2015 : 200€

Want a unique setting for your wedding, an unusual place. The Park is the place for you. Transform it to create the place of your dream .
The park offers the Tea Room (details above) and two outdoor spaces around it:
• The French Garden
o 500 square meter of grass, accessible by stairs
o Structure (walls and decorations) listed in the Inventory of Historic Monuments
o Possible access for small trucks
o Removable Disabled Access
o Access to water and electricity possible
• The Forum
o Natural open grassy area
o Unobstructed view across the park and surrounding hills
o Easy access for trucks
o Access to water and electricity possible

The park does not handle any food service. The park does not provide any hosting items (tents, floors, sound systems ... ).

Renting the park for your wedding does not include a full visit of the park. Yet you can offer your guests a private guided tour of the park, either of the garden part (45 minutes) or of the whole Park (two-hour guided tour of the animals and the history of the place). For this option, contact us directly .

Rates: contact us for pricing this possibility