Volunteers weekend – October 29 & 30 2011

It is in the midst of autumn that 16 volunteers have joined the park’s team to help a last time this year in the renovation projects.

The team has worked with great energy to finish up some of the most important renovation subject.

All the fields of the upper part of the park have been rebuilt and they are now ready for the public’s visit. An enormous achievement of all the volunteers this year !

Their renovation has allowed to create a delicious promenade around the giant rhododendron in the middle of the field.

You prefer to turn right or left ?

With two new giant birdcages renovated, it is now an amount of 6 on 9 birdcages that are ready to welcome new birds.

Our war against brambles has continued during the weekend with a great work done on the gardener cottage, around the giant rhododendron and the new growing sequoia.

The tables were renovated during the previous weekend and it was the turn of the chairs : 16 chairs have been entirely renovated and newly painted. They are so fresh looking now ! A gorgeous work.

Thank you to all the team and see you in April !