Volunteer weekend - may 28 and 29, 2011

A second volunteer weekend has gathered together 15 persons on May 28 & 29 to work under a nice and warm sun. The group made of former volunteers and new ones has undertaken new subjects and finished some old ones.

The first group has worked on the renewing of fences for the Jacob sheep park. 5 volunteers, together with Olivier, have work in a coordinated manner, so efficient they achieved their objective in less than a day.

A great result and happy sheep !

The second group has started a new subject : the birdcages. They needed a lot of work : closing larges holes in the roofs, renewing the nets on the sides, painting and protecting the whole lot when renewing was finished. An intense and sometimes acrobatic work.

Holes closing has motivated the brains and the muscles of Alan, James, Claude, Claude and Marcel.

They have also worked on the side nets with Olivier to get back to an almost new status :

The net before :

The net after :

Painting the birdcages has been the hard work of Jörg, roof specialist, Julie, Stéphane, Jeanine, Christine and Barbara.

And the finished birdcages are gorgeous, both solid and beautifully graphic.

Meanwhile, the third group (Lydie, Gilbert, Annick, and Christine) finished the welcome cabin : a new roof, nice and bright colours, ready to function again.

The cabin brefore :

The cabin after :

The two days of work have been intense yet quite convivial and full of sharing moments. And the group had a nice small companion with the little dog Rolo, who fell in love with M. Joseph.

This weekend, bringing together new volunteers have been very touching for the Parc’s team. Thanks to all for your energy, so warming, and talents, so numerous.

Another weekend will be organised in October. Dates will be available on the website as of end June.