Under the sun

The volunteers have done great work during the summertime to make sure the park would be at its best for the second exceptional opening, on September 15 and 16.

During this second opening, for the "Journées du Patrimoine" (historical patrimony days), the Association had decided to concentrate the visit on the park’s history. So the volunteers worked on the megalithic dolmen, on the castle remains and on the old laundry house.

The megalithic dolmen has been clarified and made as visible as possible to facilitate the guided tours.

Great work for a great result

Have we discovered a very old ancestor ?

Do you think there is a laundry house under these bushes ?

Well, there is !

A war against brambles happened here ...

The tractor was so useful: Bramble clearing in three steps:

This clearing allowed the opening days’ guided tours to discover the laundry house.

The castle remains, stairs and walls, were cleared to allow visitors to see them better.

To welcome new animals (Bourbonnais donkeys and Wallachie sheeps), volunteers built a new paddock.

It took the two weekends but was beautifully done.

Volunteers have also continued the tremendous work on the garden with all the plants growing so fast during summer ...

The hydrangea bushes were particularly well looked after.

Have you ever seen such a long bramble root ?

Wasn’t the result worth the work ?

We have finalised the outside signage, to help visitors find more easily the park entrance ...

And to make sure the toilet would function, we had to find and empty the tank. A bit disgusting, but truly useful !

A tiring work,

And, as always, in a great and friendly ambiance ...

The visitors who came on the second opening weekend were very impressed with the place and its quality. And this is thanks to this so great volunteer work!