The park has opened for the second time, in 2012, for an exceptional weekend. During the two days, 700 visitors came to the park for the Patrimony Days (Journées du Patrimoine).

To match with the opening theme, the focus was made on the place’s history. To explain the park and former castle history, historical guided tours were organised during the two days.

The Association has also made possible to discover the megalithic dolmen, in a closed area of the park. Volunteers accompanied visitors to the dolmen to listen to the explanations given by Cyrille Billard, the official archeologist that follows the dolmen renovation.

Five new artists presented their work, including
Sophie Le Chat and her embroided blankets, in the tea salon

Patrick Rimond and his pictures of young japanese from the American quarter in Osaka

And the Glumos of Leslie and Annette

To animate the sunday, the Phoenix association, a group of automobile passionates, has presented their great vintage cars : Austin Healey, MG GTB, tractions, Porsche, Land Rover and even an amazing 2CV have seduced the visitors.

The association "Les Liseurs" has proposed outside reading, under the big trees...

The bookshop "Les Yeux d’Elsa" has proposed great books at small prices to the reading fans...

Visitors have enjoyed the delicious sausages of M. Dugardin for lunch.

Children had their face made up by Elodie

and they were proposed some poney ride with Obelix, Griffon and Blackie.

Amateur photograph could discover the frame of the most beautiful view of the park ...

And 46 visiteurs went lucky, winning at the contest.