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Reopening the Parc is a long term project including various subjects. Achieving some of those will take a longer period. We hope they will enrich the Parc’s experience and the region’s attraction :

The nursery

The St Symphorien plants and flowers beauty and quality will be soon available to the public with the creation of the nursery.

A regional ’green’ farmer market

During the peak season, it seemed to us interesting to allow the public to meet local and regional ‘green’ farmers and buy their products. It will also allow people to taste and buy the production of the ‘18th century garden’. It will take place around the old village school, which will be adapted to welcome it every Sunday during the summer.

Fishing lakes

Beautiful fishing lakes surround the Parc. After their inspection to assess the level of fish population, they will be adapted to welcome anglers.

Bed & Breakfast

The Parc for your sole pleasure : three comfortable wood houses will be built on the upper part of the lake, inside the Parc and will be available for week-ends and holidays. From your terrace, you will enjoy the entire beauty of the Parc and you will access it as much as you want.

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