The 2013 volunteer weekends have started in march this year. On march 23 and 24, more than 25 volunteers have met to start this season’s work, and especially on new areas of the park to open them to the public this year.

A picnic area will be available to visitors: a pear tree orchard will be dedicated to the picinic. This orchard has been cleaned from all brambles to position all tables later.

The orchard fences were covered with brambles and ferns

Volunteers have very bravely attacked the problem:

They even tried from above:

Without the brambles and the ferns, the view on the park is beautiful:

Another team has cleaned the entrance of the park from the dangerous trees. A delicate work that needed strength and vigilance:

With the opening of new areas in the park, there is a big need for new signs and explaining panels. A 100% feminine team has worked on those:

Amidst the new areas, there is a new enclosure to build. It will be dedicated to horses. A team has started to build it, preparing and planting the posts.

It is now ready for the fence. It will be next volunteer weekend’s work:

For the new open weekend, the park will make a new path available: the "lavoir"/ washouse path. It will start at the old washhouse, will be a nice promenade under beautiful trees and along small ponds that are used to drain and filter the park’s water. On one of those ponds, we found an old edge, that must have been a second wash spot for the castle inhabitants.

Along this new path, volunteers have cleaned up brambles and tree branches:

Cleaning the surroundings to create views:



Cleaning the path itself:


Volunteers have cleaned the wash edge found on one of the ponds.
Would you have believed that under those branches,

there was a beautiful edge:

And the pond is now accessible.


Weather has been great and less great, hot and cold but we all worked in a nice atmosphere. And after three months of rain and humidity, we were grateful for the invention of ... boots !

The next volunteer weekends will take place on april 20&21st and on may 4&5th. Join us !