Exceptional open weekend on September 15 & 16

On this page, you will find all the informations on the exceptional open days:

With your Smartphone, you were able to enjoy interactive connexions to enrich your visit: along the promenade, through Flashcode or MobileTag app (downloading free on your usual downloading platform), you accessed more information and were able to interact and play with the Parc.

You can still have a look at what happened during the June opening days: the artists presented and the Garden fair producers.

Your visit at The Parc

During the September open days, the Association des Amis de Saint Symphorien had proposed you some news:

At the park, you discovered mainly the garden and promenade area of the park. Typical of a 18th century park, the perspective and the garden are registered as Monument Historique.

Close to the remains of the old castle and the 18th century cottage, an "English garden" waited for you, with giant rhododendrons and registered centuries old trees.

During your visit, you encountered contemporary art pieces.

In the Bird’s Garden, two photographers presented their vision of the "Journées du Patrimoine"’ theme : "Hidden Patrimony":

Along the paths, you discovered sculptures by 8 artists :

In the tea salon, visitors discovered the embroidered work of Sophie Le Chat.

More details on the artists and their work on our Art Page.

During your visit, you also met our animals. They might seem like the usual ones you know but they are a bit unusual :

If you want to discover them further, read our Animal Page.

The animations and guided tours

"Les Liseurs" Association aims at helping the discovery of litterature using outside reading and lectures, to all kinds of public, in dedicated places (theaters, gardens, ...) or in disruptive places (autobus, center of towns, in people homes, ...).
To contact "Les Liseurs" in Fougères: (Marc Froehly).

Practical information

See you at the park !