Come to the Park for the roaring of the stags

October is the time of the roaring of the deers and the Parc de Saint Symphorien des Monts will soon hear the cries of these magnificent animals. It is a very impressive time for all animal lovers.

This is a wonderful opportunity to share this moment at the Park by registering for one of the private tours that we organize for the next two weekends.

For deer enthusiasts, we offer a private tour of two hours and a half, in small groups of maximum 15 people in order not to disturb the animals. The tour will be accompanied by a Park responsible who will explain the deers and the roaring to the visitors and answer any questions. Each guest will be offered a souvenir of the visit.
To have the best chances to observe comfortably, plan to put on boots, bring binoculars and a folding seat if a long standing is painful.
We will be in the woods. So plan carefully your outfit to stay warm and dry according to the weather conditions.

For professionals photographers, a longer visit is planned at the key moments to enjoy the best light. Professional equipment (reflex box, zoom ... ) will be required. An association volunteer will help the photographer find the best place around the enclosure. Nobody will be allowed in the enclosure. Each group will accommodate five photographers maximum.

Two observation cabins will be available for all visitors.

The roaring is a short period and is triggered naturally in autumn. Its duration is variable. Deer can also spend a couple of days without emitting cries. It is therefore not sure to hear the call of the deer during the visit but the private tour allows a very close approach worth the visit.

The private visits will be held on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of September and on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th of October.

For the photographers :
Two possible visit time: 7am/10:30am and 4:30pm/8pm
It is possible to stay all day (specific rate) but not over the night.

For fans (guided tours) :
Two possible visit time : 7h30/10h00 et 17h/19h30 7:30am/10:00am and 5pm/7:30pm

Prices :
Morning visit + "café/croissant" (coffee and a croissant) : 15 euros
Evening visit : 12 euros
For photographers wishing to stay an entire day (7am to 8pm), price is at 30 euros.

For safety reasons, children under 10 are not accepted .

The procedure for book To book your place for a private tour, click here and indicate in the body of the email the following elements: • If you wish to participate in deer fan visits or passionate photographers visits • For how many people you want to book • What date you want to book

A email receipt will be sent indicating the needed payment as well as the different payment methods possible.

You can also call us on 06 09 31 18 27.

Warning : your reservation will only be confirmed upon receipt of your payment.

The number of places is limited. Book quickly.