Wedding at the park


After answering numerous requests from young couples, the Parc has decided to propose several options to allow allow all to celebrate their wedding with us: when seeking a great romantic nature environment for the happiest day of your life, why not choose the Park?
Look for information on this page.

The new comers


Discover the new animals at the park: new borns and new comers.
Just click here.

Heritage Days 2013


On Septembre 14th and 15th, the park opened its doors for the Heritage Days (Journées du Patrimoine). Discover the exhibition, the discovered stained glass and the photography animation on the complete page

Fun Fair for the August open days


On August 10th & 11st, the park was dedicated to the enjoyment of children thanks to an english-style, traditional Games Fair. With duck fishing, roundabout, wheel of fortune , children tried their luck and won fun gifts.
A great treasure hunt also intrigued visitors throughout their visit. Happy eyes and large smiles have shone on the faces of children throughout the weekend.
Check out all the images of the Fair on the complete page.

Heat and music for the July open days


On July 20th & 21st, the park dedicated its open week-end to music. On Saturday, visitors could hear the choir Buais Nos’Airs under the shade of the trees. On Sunday, the opera singer Isobel Tedstill proposed visitors famous operetta tunes. Joy and sweetness during this summer weekend !

Discover these two days with the film created by Ariana, our amateur filmmaker, by clicking here.

Garden and local products fair - 2nd edition


For the second edition of the Garden and local product fair, the park opened its doors with the sun as a notable guest in this very gray spring. Discover the images in clicking here.

A foggy may opening


The merry month of May was finally very foggy but the park has welcomed visitors happy to discover the "Power of Flowers". Romantic walks and Creative workshops attracted visitors.

Read the report by clicking here.

The first 2013 volunteer weekend


Volunteers have started the work on the park in march. And their work will allow you to discover new areas of the park during the open weekends. Watch them work and have a first glimpse on the new areas in the park.

Replanting for the future


The project continues to move forward. 11 rare trees were planted before the arrival of cold and frost. Cornus Venus, Cedrela Flamingo and Acer griseum will all welcome you in 2013 during the opening weekends. Discover plantations in detail by reading further. Click here..

A great weekend at the park for the September opening days


The sun welcomed the visitors for the two days of the 2012 Journées du Patrimoine. Be presented the history of the park, from -3000 years ago up to now, admire vintage cars, have a poney ride, discover new art pieces and watch the animals ... There was exhibitions and animations for all ages and all kind of interests. Discover the entire weekend by reading the complete report.

And the press had detailed the entire program before the weekend: read the articles from La Manche Libre and la Gazette de la Manche.

They have afterwards relayed the great time the visitors enjoyed during their visit at the park.

Summer at work for the volunteers


Volunteers have dedicated some of their holiday time to finish the work on the park in July and August. See their achievements.
And read the press’s point of view on their commitment.

See the opening days - live !


To discover the opening days or to live again a bit of your visit to the Parc, we have created a nice home-made film. You will see the park, the animals, the art pieces and exhibitions, the animations...

You can also read the press clippings on the opening days.

They spread the news ...


The days of exceptional openings are starting to show in the media. French press and French websites are all eager to explain what will be happening on June 2nd and 3rd. To read what journalists say about it, visit their websites :

Or follow the park news on the website or on the facebook page for more up-to-date information.

Great achievements, under a heavy rain !


Weather tried its best to transform the 5th volunteer weekend into a disaster. But the volunteers did not agree and kept a good mood all along. Discover all the great work achieved this weekend !

Press and TV present the park !


Regional press has been regularly informing about the Association’s work and about the coming Opening Weekend. On May 20th, France3 Basse-Normandie has reported about the volunteer weekend and the efforts accomplished to open the park.
Take some time to discover the recent articles and the TV document.

Sun, work and smiles on our 4th volunteer weekend !


The sun was with us on our 4th volunteer weekend. Big work was accomplished : a renovated "Jardin à la Française", rhododendron that now can see the light, brand new-looking chairs... Discover it all by clicking here.

Volunteers weekend – October 29 & 30


It is in the midst of autumn that 16 volunteers have joined the park’s team to help a last time this year in the renovation projects.
Read the article.

Big volunteer activity at the Parc


15 volunteer have joined the Parc’s team on May 28 and 29. They have gathered from Buais, Les Loges-Machis, Sourdeval or Mayenne, to help in the park’s renovation. They have renewed fences, worked on the large birdcages and finished the renovation of the welcome cabin. Discover their efficiency and talents by clicking here.

Local press echoes the volunteers weekend


La Manche Libre and La Gazette de la Manche have echoed largely the volunteers weekend. They explained positively the great work all the participants did. Discover the articles on the press page.

Volunteers gave the Parc a big hand !


Following the information on the volunteer weekend, people contacted the Association. 16 of them came last week-end (april 9&10, 2011) and accomplished a tremendous work, helping the park in its renovation. Discover their work and achievements by clicking here.

Le Parc in the papers


La Manche Libre and La Gazette de la Manche have written about the creation of the Association des Amis de Saint Symphorien. They are also relaying the need for volunteers. To read the articles, click on the Press section.

Night Beauty


At the Parc, even the night butterflies are beautiful. Specialized entomologist have chosen to list the Parc’s night butterflies for their upcoming book “Atlas des papillons de Nuit de Basse-Normandie”. According to their first butterfly chase, the Parc hosts some beautiful and rare species, including the Thyatira Batis here above. To follow their work, click on .

Happy New Year 2001


Snow had made it clear : a new year is on its way. And here comes 2011.
A year has gone by since the launch of the Parc’s project and it has grown and developped, though not always in the way we thought it would.

We wish you a happy New Year 2011.

May this new year bring you joy, happiness and strength. May all your projects succeed in the best way possible.

The founding of the Parc’s Association to move forward


October 2010 – The Parc creates the Association des Amis de Saint Symphorien to find help and financing for the renovation of the place : a new dynamic to achieve the Parc’s objectives.
More information.

Recognition for the Parc’s ancient trees


August 2010 -The A.R.B.R.E.S. Association visited the Parc this summer and was truly seduced by some of the oldest trees that remain in the Parc. They have decided to offer their label to those trees. You can discover the nominated and awarded trees on the Botanical Project page.
More information on the A.R.B.R.E.S. Association of their website