First volunteers weekend - april 9 and 10, 2011

Following the information on the volunteer weekend, people contacted the Association and 16 of them came last week-end and accomplished a tremendous work, helping the park in its renovation. All ages, all origin, both sexes were present.
In a positive and constructive ambiance, under a motivating sun, everyone worked hard on the different workshops proposed.

The teams : Click on the image to change

A team cleaned completely the megalithic dolmenand the stones were visible again, 10 years after their disappearing under the vegetation. (If you watch the video until the end, an interesting visitor will appear).

Week-End Bénévoles - 9 et 10 avril 2011

The same team cleaned up a large bush of azaleas and rhododenrons which were almost invisible under brambles.

A second team worked on the fencing on the mini animals area; Great work, which will allow the arrival of those animals and a better visit by walking along.

The fences before : no central path, no possibility to go aroung the gigantic rhododendron.

The fences after : a great path allowing to go entirely through the fields, and turning around the central rhododendron.

A third team renovated the picnic tables, the entrance cabin and created direction sign to help visitors inside the park.

The picnic tables before : wooden tables very damaged by rain, wind and age.

The picnic tables after : renovated and freshly painted in nice and modern colours.

The entrance cabin before : covered with mold and mushrooms, it also had parts completely eaten by humidity.

The entrance cabin after : completely cleaned up, inside and outside, it has started to be painted. Some more work is needed on the roof, but a great step has been done.

The direction signs : all the Parc’s signs have disapearred over time and the volunteers have created the ones that are immediately useful to the project.

The two days were quite dense but always in a nice and positive mood. With good sharing moments around lunch and pauses.

This week-end was an important moment for the Parc team. We come out stronger and more motivated than ever with all this sharing and work done all together.

Thanks so muche to Lydie, Laurence, Laurence, Anne-Claire, Marie-Charlotte, Judith, Bernadette, Gilbert, Hubert, Christophe, Jean-Yves, Julien, Lawrence and Romain. And always, Debbie, Joël and Matthew.

The next volunteer week-end will be on May 28 and 29