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One of the great news in the re-opening of the Parc de St Symphorien des Monts will be the presentation of contemporary creative pieces inside the park. Easy and fun creation; not too intellectual, nor detached. We aim to enrich and animate the public’s visit, putting forward the artists and their pieces.

More than 20 creations will be presented along the Parc’s paths, each from a different artist, selected for their proposition on a specific theme.
This selection will happen every two years, allowing the visitors to discover regularly new pieces and new artists. The public will vote for their favorite element. The winner will be bought by the Parc and will stay in the Parc’s collection, presented therefore on a longer term.

Three kind of art will be presented : large-size sculpture and installation, land art and photography.

If you want to help us on this subject, if you are an artist and wish to apply, please send us an email.