A visit to contemporary works

During your visit, You will discover contemporary works of art, including existing works by artists loaned to support the renovation of the park, and through works or installations created specifically for the Park.



Artwork created at the park: INTERLACING

Willow and chestnut from the Parc de Saint Symphorien des Monts
Random basketry technique (Japanese striping)
Created in situ from April 28 to May 4, 2014

Three rings, three links to form a Borromean knot, inextricably linked by the third ring. But three open rings to express the liberty to create, to open, to be free, and to bind the Imaginary, the Symbolic and the Real in a very Lacanian hope to shape the rings while they are unconsciously created.

Three suspended rings of willow, light and airy, clear and balanced, which gradually anchor in the ground by successive interlaced of dark chestnut.
Three rings whose colors are constantly changing under the moving lights, projecting the knot’s shadow.

Three rings to seal a meeting; three contemporary international artists meeting to perform for the first time a common task.

Discovering Interlacing at the Parc de Saint Symphorien:
From far away, we wonder. Different views in the vastness of the park express each time a new idea. We see it from everywhere, but we never see the same.

More closely, we feel elevation, links and size. Colors, progressive touches, materials, interlacing is perceived. When really close, we discover the inner tubular spaces and links, structures and attractive form. And suddenly, we must suddenly be in it, below.

One enters. The work creates a new space.
It reveals the Borromean knot, looking skyward. One feels the symbiosis and concentration of the three artists.
It leads to rediscover the surrounding landscape through the openings created by the work. We see new landscapes, new points of views.
It arises, we stay in. It is at the center. We feel anchored to the ground, naturally and securely.

Myriam ROUX

"Even before man appeared, animals already wove plants and very early man recognised the important role of braided plants, vital even: Protection, clothing , harvesting, transport, storage … This old knowledge transcended time and has survived almost intact.
My artistic sensibility draws from this history. A permanent approach to our roots, beyond the inventory , allows me to retain its essence, make it my own, and then to restore its subtlety through the filter of my sensitivity by creating original works, paintings, sculptures and in situ braiding."

Example of work already done by the artist : Water Pearls
Park East Maulévrier - France - 2014
Photo - René Gloder

Website: myriamroux.com


Sculptor , multidisciplinary artist

Multidisciplinary artist challenged by human behavior in her immediate environment , Nathalie Levasseur combines sculpture, installation, works in situ, performance and multimedia art. She has to her credit several solo and group exhibitions in Quebec, Canada, Japan, France and Spain.

Among her accomplishments: in situ Leave Breathe (Blue Turtle , La Pocatière 2012), My roots , my land (Fondation Derouin, Val David , 2012.11 and 10), Let’s hope it rains (Exhibition Centre D Amos and Val David, 2013), Consciousness and Roots (Grave, Victoriaville, 2008) and Transients rituals (AdMare , Iles de la Madeleine , 2006).

Winner of the Creation Price at the regional Council Arts and Letters of Quebec ( 2011) and Laurentian Fund for Arts and Letters for the Social Fabric (2011) project, her projects have received several times the support of the Council of Arts and Letters of Quebec. Her works are in many public and private collections including the prestigious collection Loto -Québec.

Work already done by the artist : Let Breathe
St Lawrence River in the cove of La Pocatière , Quebec 2012

Website: nathalielevasseur.net

Stéphanie JACQUES

Stephanie Jacques has gradually trained herself on plants related know-how, through the opportunity to meet with many artists and craftsmen. Currently, she only works with flexible materials, processing patiently walls built around the empty volumes. Art historian by training, Stephanie Jacques has worked in the socio- cultural field and led various courses and workshops, before devoting herself entirely to her own work.

Undeniably rooted in our time, Stephanie Jacques’ sculptures seem marked by a more distant original aura. These volumes reveal recurrent evocations: femininity in all its complexity, internal tensions or the need to "let go ." It also exudes a decisive position to explore the relationship to the body, sensations that inhabit us and the difficulty in finding the words to share.

Another strand binds to and dictates its own movement. Following the natural course of the matter, letting it take over, it is perhaps leading to intuitive language. Traditional art, basketry reveals the ability to express art and communication.

Marie Debatty (MCFA)

Work already done by the artist : Miss Metonymy
Photo: Jean -Pierre Ruelle

Website: stephanie- jacques.net


Artwork with sound and chant : MEMORY OF THE (H)ETRE / SOUL

The curative idea involves the establishment of a system around one of the oldest specimen of the park, in this case a copper beech, Fagus sylvatica .
Starting from the idea that plant species establish connections between them, we can imagine that the trees in the park sweat memory of human and natural events, both tragic and benevolent.
Based on the observation of the researcher Ian Baldwin on the existence of a chemical plant species between communication, events: such as storms, fire devastating the castle, the introduction of animal species ... might-have provoked defensive reactions or growth under their calm appearance.

Installation :
Establishing artificial links between the visit and the selected tree, visitors will be hearing and feeling a sensory experience of an attempted communication with the beech.
In the distance, the visitor will perceive a moving colored envelope as a filter in a slight kinetic vibration. Ropes and rods of colored trellises will create a space where random sounds plunge the visitor in a unique atmosphere. These sounds are references to the history and environment of the park.
A red rope on the ground, acts as thread and leads visitors to the place of projection of the vocal performance given by Helen Singer.

Helen Singer continues her practice of magnetic singing, by producing a song, inspired by a natural element: the oldest tree in the park. Touching its centenary trunk, she will attempt to retransmit its voice in an inarticulate vocal improvisation, its magnetic charge, its history, its memory. She will act as a mediator and as a conductor between the memory of the park and visitors. Voice, evanescent nature, will bring the tree to life (animated of : life, movement) which symbolizes the unwavering, unyielding strength, eternity. Voice would make sensible, audible, older specimen, witness the life of the park whose memory establishes connections with all the surrounding living beings.

This unique performance has been held on Sunday 1st June. Discover the video of this incredible experience.
The Magnetic singing of Helen Singer is presented to the public during the rest of the season, as a mark of her artistic performance.


Doctor of Fine Arts , researcher and teacher at the universities of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne and Lille 3, Hélène Singer explores and analyzes mainly vocal expression, the animal and the body in action in contemporary art. She exhibited her works (performances, photographs, installations) in galleries, museums and other places of art.
Endowed with advanced training in opera singing and vocal improvisation, she is also the author of numerous writings on art, including Expressions of the inner body. Voice, performance and plastic song, released in the Harmattan in 2011.
She is regularly invited as an artist to animate workshops on performance.

Website: helenesinger.net

Emilie Oliviero specializes in museography in precious objects. Following a Higher Diploma Applied Arts obtained the National Superior School of Applied Arts in interior architecture and design and manufacturing techniques Boulle in Paris, she acquired A Drawing and Art Project Master. Interior architect trained, she worked in the JM Wilmotte agency since 2002 to outstanding projects such as the design museum Neue Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the Islamic art museum in Doha, Qatar.
Since 2005, she develops a graphic and textile design universe where she explores the world of fairy tales and fashion of the 19th century in a primarily poetic and sensitive way.
Her multidisciplinary experience led her to create with Marc Guignard, the association Les Crayons de Bois in 2013. This non-profit organisation aims to explore different creative techniques related to the world of design and illustration for entertainment and workshops in educational and cultural environment.

Marc Guignard is endowed with a double degree, both graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris La Villette and interior designer graduated from the National Superior School of Applied Arts in Interior Design Architect and design and manufacturing techniques Boulle in Paris.

He has worked in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan on the creation of brand concepts and in France on the partial renovation of Galeries Lafayette Haussmann.

Composer of experimental music, he explores the relationship between sound , contemporary architecture and new technologies. He has participated in several musical projects including Black Tears Mermen of the lea, Zoilus and creating a sound design for the play "These waves , these bursts embalmed" by Arnaud Icard .

Website: lescrayonsdebois


Presented on tarpaulins, photographers chose photos related to the theme of the 2014 season: « RAW »


Lives and works in PARIS (75)
Website: patrickrimond.com

After engineering studies completed in 1995 in Paris, Patrick Rimond spent nine years in Japan where he dedicated himself to photography. He concentrates on the idea of meeting, either the Other with portraits, or the world with the landscapes. He photographed the city of Osaka and its inhabitants in a simple, straightforward and direct style. Apart from his personal research, he worked for the agency VU and Le Monde for 2 years and organized exhibitions gallery of Flanders Center.

Since his return to Europe in 2005, he pursued the course of his early photographic work; his research has extended to new practices, including improvised stages during residencies with dancers and musicians.

Since 1998 , Patrick Rimond has regularly presented his work in solo and group exhibitions (Artyfact Lab Gallery in Paris, Maison d’Art Bernard Anthonioz in Nogent -sur- Marne , Gallery Dufay -Bonnet in Paris , Museum of History Photography in Krakow, La Générale in Paris, Gallery Plaza - Tokyo Art Museum, KH15 Gallery in Berlin … ) .

His photographs have resulted in the publication of two books, a monograph of portraits in 2009 and a book - object gravure in 2012. They were also stakeholders in improvisations at the Density festival at Panonica and the Lucernaire. He is also a co-founder of the Platform art space in Paris and participated in the adventure of Manufacture Générale.

Exhibition for the Park : "EARTH"

Digital Colour Printing on canvas

In these photographs, made ​​in ancient stone quarries in the south of France, the rocks are brought to the verge of abstraction, reduced to hollow lines and growths. We are deep into material.

Two photographs with visual proximity are juxtaposed. This form of work aims at causing a state of intellectual confusion as in Ericksonian hypnosis. Photographs of Earth are part of an intimate and reflexive relationship between photographer and photographed.
This series was produced in 2010 during a residency with the contemporary dance company choreos to part Kaleidoscope, where a selected place physically and emotionally inspired creation.


Lives and works in Marseille (83).

Thibault Puyfontaine’s artistic route is that of a moth attracted to light bulbs and neon lights. The first step in « Late colors » led him in Egypt and Mozambique. We do not have a benchmark for whether we are in Cairo or Alexandria in Maputo. We are in a city that does not exist. A dream city, in the heart of the night.

Thibault de Puyfontaine was born in Clichy. He lives in Marseille and regularly travels the world. After years of technical training in Parisian studios, he exercises his expertise in reporting, advertising and portrait.

His trip to Egypt in 2007 was a revelation and led him to gradually abandon his photographic business to devote himself to his personal photography. "A world anything but naive, on the contrary, although sensual, strange, resonant with the life that revolves around, which is integral with the photographer deceptively a simple spectator. »
Nathalie Degardin

Website: www.depuyfontaine.com/

Exhibition at the Park : LATE COLORS
Color digital prints on canvas


Along the promenade path of the Park (three kilometers of landscapes), you will discover a wide range of art works.


Lives and works in MIREVAL (34)

"Drawing in space, drawing in three dimensions lines of force with the least possible surface area, the less texture.
Draw a network of lines: a polygonal modeling, a 3D vectorization.
The viewer feels and fills the void between the lines, always with the possible return to the vacuum and dizziness that accompanies it, as he can feel he can actually cross the structure. The skin is the interface between the external environment and internal environment, a plan of the thickness of a mathematical point.
By wired or lamellar structures, I try to meet the constraints of the body: how are they organized ? Fragmentation, trade, full and empty, the necessary movement between elements.

Technically, most of my works are suspensions. For the dynamic impression that it gives. They are also often puzzles, potential swap parts containing additional dynamics . Fantasy humans and their retinue of questions: architecture , prostheses, mimicry."

Website: edline-art.fr

Exhibition for the park: Cerite


Lives and works in ST LOUBES (33)

" Sensitive to issues of sustainable development, I work with an economy of means, and with elements made ​​from materials from the agricultural world, I assembles sculptures. They question everyone through their attitudes and their provenance."

2014 Trail arts, Royan, look at the estuary (17) - DRAC Poitou Charentes
2013 Installation "Art is in the woods" (22)
2011 Installation of sculpture at the Citadel of Blaye (33)
( lassified as World Heritage by UNESCO)
2010 Exhibition of sculptures, Château Bellevue, Quinsac (33)

Website: patriceliron.fr

Exhibition for the park: WOLF

With old barrels of 225 litres, a sculpture is assembled. The staves are from an ancient traditional cider house, close to wood Pleumagat Trigavou (22).

Wolf, a timber wolf, a sculptural gesture questions and worries human, and with the presence of a carnivore, we suddenly remember to read and reread our childhood stories.


Lives and works in LINGREVILLE (50).

Artist using recycled materials, first used in nature in situ installations in parks or gardens, and then in workshop in a process of exhaustion of the material.
Recent exhibitions : Annoville Castle Park (2011) , festival edges Vire (2012) , castle Gratot ( 2013).

Website: mauricemarie - plasticien.jimdo.com

Exhibition at the Park: THE FRUIT GARDEN

The fence that was first used to protect young plants is turned into an orchard of fruit trees.
The installation accompanies nature that plays with the light between appearance and disappearance, transition between a past garden rescued from oblivion and future gardens to create.


Live and work in Amiens (80).

In a unique artistic approach, often in teams and sometimes alone, Didier Ferment creates a universe, plays and shares with the public. His main partner is the wind, with whom he has a special relationship : the creation of kites have allowed him to explore movement and transparency in the sky. To give voice to the wind, a singular voice, he designed several instruments of wind music. Between the wind and the public, he is only the intermediary with which nature’s sound, embodied in the wind, is heard. He speaks of a game with this capricious child, the wind, a game with a fantastic performer in sometimes exceptional environments (Auvergne volcano , Alpine summits, Brittany rocks). Water, light, shadow, reflections are now part of his language, his desire to play the public and the nature that surrounds it .

Aspiring actress Ludivine Dumont found her preferred field of expression in 2010 in meeting artists of Land Art, as a synthesis of her many experiences in the visual arts: courses given or received, practices, creations, exhibitions… She uses various elements of nature materials to be her original palette.
Gardens, ponds, seashores inspire her creations which she wants to be poetic, light and especially open to everyone’s freedom of imagination; so that everyone dreams of whatever he or she likes …

Website: ciel-libre.nnx.com

Exhibition for the park: BLUE NOTES

Some music notes on a pond. White, black for the melody. Blue notes for the swing. Each note floats above water.
The assembly, disposed on the surface of a lake, is a musical score. The wind moves it, prints its tempo, cleaning its silences, improvising over water.
Playing blue notes suggests the landscape breathes...
The device plays the movement (drafts , wavelet ) and light (color, transparency, reflection). Thus, it emphasizes the movement in the landscape as well as patterns implemented by Nature.


Painter and artist
Lives and works in Lingreville (50)
Exhibitions : Museum of Coutances (2001), Castle Annoville (2011), festival des rives de Vire (2012).

"My work is born from the eyes, emotions , exchanges between nature and art (created by nature and with it) . Media, material (paper, recycled objects ) are part of my approach to capture a story. "

Website: dmmarie.jimdo.com

Exhibition at the Park: THE END OF THREAD

Exhibition at the Park: THE ROSE GARDEN

The purpose is to invest the landscape to change the look at everyday objects (here the bells salad ). A new form, a new story where the spiral induce eternal time. Repeated circles float over water and symbolize ricochet of childhood.


Lives and works in Dinard (22).

"My experience has been forged in Guyana where I learned various techniques of sculpture (wood, earth, composites) with artists from varied universes (Lobi Cognac, Patrick Renaudin, Denis Gaspard, Patrick Chapot) during 10 years … 7 years of life among American Indians also helped me finding a different vision of dialogue with nature and the necessary link that we must keep with it.
Recently returned to Brittany, I intend to develop my work in an interactive art research with Nature trying to develop a graphical script using a single medium: Ivy . Land Art is also a key focus of my artistic approach with this desire : "Putting the art in the heart of Nature, and Nature in the heart of the Art "

In my work in collaboration with Ivy, I seek to highlight the word and light of nature ... Always hidden in the shadow of its foliage, wood Ivy escapes the gaze. I try to update the link from earth to mind because once exposed, ivy speak. I question the nature and beauty of its forms. I tries to reveal a human presence, playing with the effects of time on the material and symbolic ivy is sacred since ancient times. Art of Nature, Art Brut, Ivy forcefully expresses what we are ...

Entanglements or possible ways never direct, it continues to grow regardless of the obstacles. Link between heaven and earth, sacred since ancient Egyptian and in Greek and Celtic, ivy is the means of communication between the world of men and fairies ... A world where imagination offers the dream ...

My work in and with nature naturally led me to the Land Art a key focus of my approach and I try to honor the power of the plant world and the alliance of natural elements. Games shapes, natural energy, proofreading of Nature are at the centre of my work. I seek to challenge and encourage the creation of an inner and dreamlike poetry. "

Website: mike.chauvel.tumblr.com

Exhibition in the Park:



Live and work in Marcq-en-Baroeul and Haute-Savoie
Visual artists
On permanent display at the Dufay / Gallery Beanie Paris ( www.dufaybonnet.com ) and Sakoda Art Gallery in Nishinomiya - Japan ( www.sakoda -art.com).
Hitomi Bushi d’Eau, Edgar (Paris ) - Rocket Art Complex (Tokyo) , Ami & Kanoko (Osaka) , Sakoda (Niishiomya) - Design Centre (Marseille) - Art Place, Spiral (Lille) - Meanwhile (Bourges) and in 2012 , the " World GLUMO " (Marcq -en- Baroeul) .
Website: glumo.com or on his page Facebook

Glumo Fleurs

Exhibition for the park: GLUMO

"I LOVE the sun in the rain, chocolate, beer and airports , oceans and forests … laughing, dancing , running, crying , playing, I Love LIFE! Yes , I breathe and I sing with my whole body , I do not have ears, but I hear ALL , I am a small humanoid coming from the origins of time, and YOU who look at me, who are you ? "

Glumo was born by chance and with a set of four hand drawing on a computer screen. Very quickly, the funny " man head " takes body, lives, and asserts its identity to be small, both unusual and familiar, archetypal and futuristic, with an amazing gift of midwifery."

Since its creation, more than ten years ago, its authors and Leslie Annette Derieppe Roumagoux, work together, always in pairs, in its evolution. It is this fall, hosted for the second time in beautiful Normandy countryside. Timeless and facetious, a nod to its many variations in size, color and material, here he is now very small , and sometimes ... a lot bigger!


Exhiition at the Park: I AM THE POET

Listen to the poem: click here.


Lives and works in Collobrières
Metal sculptor
Work landed by the owner

Exhiition at the Park: MONSTER

Presentation by François Season in Night of Arts and Worlds
"François Season has been a sculptor for over thirty years. Originally from the North of France, he is installed in Collobrières since 1979. Browsing a François Saison exhibition, we visit a world of gracious air and characters from ancient legends.

The talent of the artist and the magic of fire passed the transmutation of cold and heavy metal mild, slender, sensual, often animated by the warmth of wood, sometimes the contrast of stone, dressed in a veil enamel for some ... This fantastic, moving and funny in his immobile movement world seems to stand still for a second eternity, ready to revive after our passage."


Lives and works in Beaumont du Ventoux (84)
Gross poor art , art
Website: arias.f.free.fr


Exhibition for the park: ELEPHANT

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