A visit along contemporary art pieces

During your visit, you will discover works of contemporary art, with existing works lent by the artists to support the renovation of the park, and with works or installations created specifically for the Park .


Presented on canvases, mounted on old giant aviary, the pictures chosen by photographers reflect in their own way the theme chosen by the park this year: "(Re) Birth"


Lives and works in Orléans
Exhibitions France, Belgium, Romania
Website: www.salez-poivrez.com

"Géraldine Aresteanu is not a photographer. She is not only a photographer, I mean. Géraldine Aresteanu is not a photographer, simply because she is photography. This is clearly something else. She draws portraits, but portraits that are not burying. Beings and things, on the contrary, she fills them with life. She adorns. She shows. Sharing her subjects, giving them to see themselves as special beings. She transforms but without deforming. She only looks at them, but it’s her whole person that looks. It might seem stupid but it works. You simply need to see her work, once, just once, to be convinced. She is instinct-full and every second is a miracle. Géraldine isfidgeting, she turns, she leans, she twists, she moves back and forth, almost dancing. Géraldine is a dance. She is a tango. "
Text Thierry Vivien

Exhibition at the Park: "PORTRAIT OF SEEDS"

color digital prints on canvas

"For a majority of us, photography is a work of capture. A seizure. To use terms precisely related to photography (negative film photography), one could speak of a stop bath. Geraldine Aresteanu acts more as a developer. When shooting those seeds, she accompanies them more than seizing or fixing them, she brings them forward to us. Exactly as you (she) bring someone to life by explaining who they are. Here is what Géraldine does: she explains more than she speaks perhaps because her images are not her possesion, but I am sure of this, they are a gift. "
Text Thierry Vivien


Lives and works in Paris
Website: http://www.anneloremesnage.com/
Exhibitions: Paris, Caen

LANDSCAPES OF ADONIS is a series made in residence at the School of Landscape and Horticulture Saint-Gabriel-Brécy (Normandy, 2012), in partnership with the Cultural Farm Bessin and the Regional Direction of Cultural Affairs.

Exhibition at the Park: The Landscapes of Adonis
Color digital prints on canvas

"I suddenly realized that I no longer looked at the plant, but I was her."
Kathleen Raine

Portraits of landscapes, figures in perspective, this is a new human nature that adolescents embody. Personifying in turn the Adonis deity, they accept to be partially integrated by a plant they pretend to tame. Referring to the Renaissance painter Camillo Boccaccino, they stand, proud and free, ready to take root.

Human beings tend too often to forget that they operate in an interdependent ecosystem among which they are themselves subjects. They put at risk our natural links to nature. By highlighting the connections between the portrait and the landscape through the shapes, colors, composition or simple details, I wanted to emphasize the necessary dialogue that must be established between man and his surrounding environment. One is part of the other. Man definetly resembles the territory it lives in: a resource area, the starting point of self-knowledge and the mirror of his feelings.


Lives and works in Oxford, England
Exhibitions in Europe: Romania, Hungary, Belgium, Austria ...

Website: www.danielbalanescu.ro/

"Most of my works are inspired by the turmoil of our times. Being born and HAVING Spent my childhood in Romania’s mining area, it was difficulty to run out of inspiration. Purpose When Romania opened icts doors and windows to the world, I saw there was a lot out there, too. And it was not exactly what I Had imagined.
After all, my works are a lot about human kind and what comes out of it in unusual Circumstances. "Daniel Balanescu

Exhibition at the Park: Ticket Emotion
Color digital prints on canvas

"The aim of the project was to display a collective portrait of today’s society, taking as sample people who travel by metro. In the metro(subway), one may come across people of extreme social condition, people who make the first steps in life or are very old and carry lifetime memories with them; highly educated and non-educated people.

The idea of this project came to my mind in 1995. The idea was to attract travelers into a game whose basic element was the metro ticket (used) on which they are invited to leave their print by drawing or writing something: a thought, an impression or perhaps a shopping list or a business card. Art may take away the stress or boredom of waiting for the next train.

The idea is to display all tickets into a collage that may be exhibited in different metro (subway)stations and not only, in different parts of the world"


Six artists have chosen works evoking the animal walk.


Live and work in North of France and Haute-Savoie
Represented by the Dufay/Bonnet Gallery in Paris, and in the Sakoda Art Gallery in Nishinomiya – Japan (www.sakoda-art.com).
Hitomi Bushi d’Eau, Edgar (Paris) - Rocket, Art Complex (Tôkyô), Ami & Kanoko (Osaka), Sakoda (Niishiomya) - Centre Design (Marseille) - Art Place, Spiral (Lille) - Entretemps (Bourges) et en 2012, le « Monde de GLUMO » (Marcq-en-Baroeul).
Website: glumo.com or on the Facebook page
Contact :ald@glumo.com

Glumo Fleurs

Exhibition for the park : GLUMO.

"I LOVE the sun under the rain, chocolate, a good beer and airports, oceans and forests... laughing, dancing, running, crying, playing ! I love LIFE ! Yes, I breathe and sing with my whole body ! I have no ears but I hear everything ! I am a small humanform being, from the humans’origins and YOU, who look at me, who are you ?"

Glumo was born by chance, without any specific request, from a 4 hands work on a computer screen. Very quickly, this funny little "head-being" has come alive, taken off and expresses strongly its identity as a little being, in the same time bold and familiar, futuristic and symbolic.

Since its creation, ten years ago, Annette Derieppe and Leslie Roumagoux, have followed him, always together. This autumn, he reaches for the first time, the Normandy country.
In multiple sizes, colors and materials, he sometimes is so tiny that you do not believe he can be so big !
Leslie & Annette are represented by the Dufay/Bonnet Gallery (http://www.dufaybonnet.com/).


Lives and works in Collobrières
Metal sculptor
Art piece lent by the owner

Exhibition at the Park: Medusa

Presentation of François Saison at the Nuit desf Arts et des Mondes
"François Saison is sculptor for over thirty years. Native from North of France, he has in Collobrières since 1979. Browsing the work of François Saison, we visit a world of gracious air and characters from ancient legends.

The talent of the artist and the magic of fire passed the transmutation of cold and heavy metal mild, slender, sensual, often animated by the warmth of wood, sometimes the contrast of the stone, dressed in a veil enamel for some ... This fantastic, moving and funny world, in his motionless movement seems to stand still for a second eternity, ready to revive after our visit. "


Lives and works in Sornac (19)
Sculptor and painter

Exhibition at the Park: Marabout and Salamander


Fascinated by ancient milestones of roadsides, Jacqueline Lecarme adopt them when they are substituted by the State. At the grinder, she transforms them into animals, faces. They turn back, then gradually to nature, when the artist leaves them to be invaded by vegetation, humidity, life.


Lives and work in Beaumont du Ventoux (84)
Outsider art
Website : arias.f.free.fr


Exhibition at the park : Elephant


Lives and works in Paris
Details being finalized