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The Parc de St Symphorien is a botanical beauty coming straight from the 19th century.

Its structure, the choice in trees, flowers and plants... everything is in tune with what the Earl de Rougé created at the time he reorganised the Parc.

Centuries-old incredible trees (oaks, beeches, sequoias), tree-size rhododendrons, acacias and camellias... : the Parc’s botanics are beautiful.

We are creating themed gardens (water garden shadow garden, bamboo garden ...).
And the creation of a historical pedagogic vegetable garden will add another aspect to the botanical visit. It will present 4 kind of historical vegetable gardens (18th, 19th, 20th and 21st century vegetable gardens). This will allow visitors to discover both old vegetable or fruit varieties while understanding innovative, 21st century culture options.

We chose to work with an innovative partner, O Ubi Campi, a firm introducting creation in landscapes and gardens in choosing to work with great architects, whether from France or other countries. To dicover their philosophy, go to http://o-ubicampi.com/ .

An important french tree association, A.R.B.R.E.S., has discovered the great trees of the park. They issue a very important label, dedicated to celebrating the greateste trees in France. They have started to work on the park and one of our tree is already labelled, a cépée of châtaignier : a 8 trunks ensemble; a circonference of more than 10 meters; More than 35 meters high.
More information on A.R.B.R.E.S. : http://www.arbres.org/arbres_remarquables.html