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This page describes the objectives, the work already done, the accomplishments of 2012, 2013 and 2014. You will find all possibilities to help the Association to become a member or a volunteer, or make a donation to the Association, monetary or else.
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The Association des Amis de Saint Symphorien, the way forward

The Association des Amis de Saint Symphorien aims at renovating the Parc before the opening to the public.

By creating the association, the desire was to make the project of Saint Symphorien wider open to all those who love the park and want to help the implementation of an ambitious project. And it is now more than 75 persons who actively support the project as participants or volunteers. If you like the park, the project can become your project. Join us!

To begin reviving the Park in the region, and to raise funds to accelerate renovations, the Association opened exceptionally the Park for 4 days in 2012, 10 days in 2013 and 30 days in 2014.
These openings were a great success.
The atmosphere, entertainment and all the events of the opening day are visible on the News page.
For 2015, the Association continues its momentum by giving greater scope to its action in opening the park even more between May and September and providing new spaces for visitors to discover.

Whether you love parks, animals or art, or the three of them, help us reviving this great place and creating a unique discovery park.

The work already done

Since the establishment of the Association, many projects have been successfully completed. Here are all the achievements that have made the openings possible.

Projects for 2014

The ambition is great for 2014 expecialy to open the promenad up to the lake, and projects to be completed before the first opening in May, are numerous:

To help, you can co-finance the projects of the park by becoming a member

It’s only membership fees and donation that enable the Association to invest in the renovation of the park. By joining the Association, you allow the Parc to move forward toward its reopening objective. A membership entitles you to a free entrance in one of the opening days of 2014, and two entrances for a couple membership.
2015 membership fees have been stable for the last two years and are set at € 20 per individual, € 32 for a couple and € 50 for an association or a company. Simply download the membership form and send it to us.

To help, you can give a hand during a "Volunteer Week-end"

We also propose to volunteers to participate in the work of restoring the park during our "Weekend volunteers." The weekends take place on every third week-end of the month, from January: january 17&18, february 14&15, march
14&15, april 11&12 and may 9&10.
You can read on the News page, the minutes of all the volunteer weekends in 2011, 2012 and 2013. The work to be done will be organised and directed by the Parc’s team. You will discover the park, the people and the project for real!
As a volunteer participant in this weekend, you will be exempt from membership fees and will be integrated to the association automatically.
To volunteer, please indicate so by sending us an email and we will contact you with all aspects of the organization.

Buying a gift is helping the Park.

Offering one of our goodies helps the Park Association, as all profits are given back to the Association. Choose from our selection:

The prices include VAT and do not include shipping.
To order, click here and tell us what you want to order in the body of mail. You will be delivered quickly upon receipt of payment (check, credit card, paypal).

To help the Park to move faster, you can make a donation

Donation represent more than 60% of the Association’s budget. The project success is completely link to our fan’s generosity.
If you want to help us accelerate the pace of renovations and help us to open more quickly, you can make a donation to the association. To do this, complete the donation form and return it to the Association.
You can make a monetary donation or a donation of objects and raw materials.

For the implementation of its various projects and the openings of 2014, the Association would need the following elements:

Thank you for your generosity and your participation in the project.

In short, why join the Association?

The park commits itself to