A contemporary art visit

Your visit will be a great occasion to discover great contemporary art.
The art pieces presented are either a loan from the artists or specific creation for the park’s exhibition. The pictures and the sculptures presented were carefully chosen by a volunteer pilot team on very specific criterias.


Presented on large canvas, attached to old giant bird cages, the photographers have chosen pictures to present their vision of the "Journées du Patrimoine" event theme : « Le Patrimoine caché », Hidden patrimony.


Lives and works in Paris
Photographe plasticien
Exhibtions in Paris, in Europe, in Japan
Internet website: www.patrickrimond.com and www.primond.com

After engineer studies in Paris, Patrick Rimond moved to Japan. In this so strange country, he focused on photography. During the nine years he spent in Osaka, he worked on portraits, always direct and with no articial approach, and on urban contemplative landscapes... He also collaborated with the agency VU and has been the curator for the Flanders Center gallery in Osaka.
Since he came back in France in 2005, he works deeper on the two same axis: more and more precise with the portraits and wider with the urban landscapes. He has also opened his approach to musicians and dancers, to finally end himslef on the stage.

Since 1998, Patrick Rimond has very regularly showed his work in personal or collective exhibitions (Maison d’Art Bernard Anthonioz in Nogent-sur-Marne, Musée d’Histoire de la Photographie in Cracow, La Générale in Paris, Galerie Plaza - Tokyo Art Museum in Tokyo, KH15 Gallery in Berlin ...). His photographies have been published in two books: a portrait monography in 2009 and a book/object in 2011.
He is also co-founder of the artistic place Plateforme in Paris and has participated in the adventure of the Générale en Manufacture in Sèvres.

Exhibition at the park : "AMERICA MURA"

America MuraDigital color printing on canvas

AMERICA MURA - The American village / アメリカ村

"The American village in Osaka only represents a few blocks in the mega-city. It is named this way because it is the place where a certain age of the youth meets and has fun. Contrary to the immense anonymous city, America Mura is a place where everyone knows each other, at least by sight, because they meet in the street, in the shops or in the clubs.

I have started this photography series because sitting on the ground in the street in Japan is not usually accepted. And in America Mura, during my wlaks around, I regularly saw young people in that position. Sitting in the street usually is understood as an idle attitude. Some gangs also sit in the street as a way to provoke.
Yet, the squatting position is a millenary position in Asia and we can still see people sitting this way in China, Corea or Thailand. P

This portrait series is also a way to discover details of the street. Not the clihé japanese city, it shows the reality of a lively street life where people feel well enough to rest, smoke and eat. This Series goes against the image of the always hurried Japanese citizen. Photographies also give hints of the local fashion and attitude.

Osaka inhabitants are particularly open-minded and friendly:; each one of them has accepted to be shot because I tried to stay at a certain distance. Being japanese speaker, I managed to avoid the usual "V" sign all Japanese do when asked to pose. It is their wy to protect their intimacy. Even very briefly, I was very happy to build a link with them, almost a true meeting. Their eyes express what each of them has felt during the confrontation with the camera. You will see curiosity, interest, humor, also dignity or embarassement, sometimes a true personal unveiling..."


Lives and works in Paris and Saint Symphorien des Monts
Website: oliviermordacqphotographer

After a strat in fashion photography along great names like Michel Comte, Olivier Mordacq worked in cinema for demanding directors such as Tony Kaye. ALl those years of images have led him to photographic exhibitions.

Olivier Mordacq has a taste for details and light, looking with no rest for the image, closest as possible to reality.

Exhibition at the park : Connected portraits

What ?Digital color printing on canvas

"History is built everyday in front of our eyes. Isn’t the hidden patrimony the one that seems the less interesting ? The SMS, text messages and other coded languages our adolescent send may become patrimony in the coming decades ?"

Artist’s selection from the Series Connected Portraits, photographed in 2012.

A local artist will create an exhibition of her sculptures in the Birds Garden.


Lives and works in Passais La Conception
The English artist Sue Riley has settled in Normandy where she works in her workshop « La Galerie Enchantée ».

Website : suerileybeauxarts.com
Contact: Sue Riley / La Galerie Enchantée, 11, rue du Domfrontais, 61350 Passais la Conception

Installation in the park : Daydream

Bronze sculpture invade a feeric birdcage.


Six artists have chosen sculptures around the idea of "an animal promenade".


Live and work in North of France and Haute-Savoie
Represented by the Dufay/Bonnet Gallery in Paris, and in the Sakoda Art Gallery in Nishinomiya – Japan (www.sakoda-art.com).
Hitomi Bushi d’Eau, Edgar (Paris) - Rocket, Art Complex (Tôkyô), Ami & Kanoko (Osaka), Sakoda (Niishiomya) - Centre Design (Marseille) - Art Place, Spiral (Lille) - Entretemps (Bourges) et en 2012, le « Monde de GLUMO » (Marcq-en-Baroeul).
Website: glumo.com or on the Facebook page
Contact :ald@glumo.com

Glumo Fleurs

Exhibition for the park : GLUMO.

"I LOVE the sun under the rain, chocolate, a good beer and airports, oceans and forests... laughing, dancing, running, crying, playing ! I love LIFE ! Yes, I breathe and sing with my whole body ! I have no ears but I hear everything ! I am a small humanform being, from the humans’origins and YOU, who look at me, who are you ?"

Glumo was born by chance, without any specific request, from a 4 hands work on a computer screen. Very quickly, this funny little "head-being" has come alive, taken off and expresses strongly its identity as a little being, in the same time bold and familiar, futuristic and symbolic.

Since its creation, ten years ago, Annette Derieppe and Leslie Roumagoux, have followed him, always together. This autumn, he reaches for the first time, the Normandy country.
In multiple sizes, colors and materials, he sometimes is so tiny that you do not believe he can be so big !
Leslie & Annette are represented by the Dufay/Bonnet Gallery (http://www.dufaybonnet.com/).


Lives and works in Paris
Terra Cotta Sculptor
Exhibitions 2012 :
- Lille Art Fair
- Chapelle Ste-Anne (Nantes)
- Galerie Danièle Bourdette (Honfleur)
Website : ruta.free.fr


Exhibition at the park : Specific Creation on the animal/human hybrid (large size triptych).

Ruta Jusionyte’s example of work on the same theme :


Lives and works in Lignières Orgères (53)
Sculptor and Painter
Exhibition 2012 : Espace Culturel du Houlme à Briouze

Exhibition at the park : The Alley of Love

Granite and Wood / Size (cm) : 144 -152-162-172-181-191-201 / 2010
La Ruelle de l'Amour
Inspiration from The Conference of Birds, book of poems by Farid Al-Din Attar, Persian poet and philosopher
"Having drunk whole seas, we are amazed that our lips are still as dry as beaches. And always we search for the sea for dipping our lips, without seeing that our lips are the beaches. And that we are the sea."
Farid Al-Din Attar, Persian philosopher (12th century)

The Conference of the Birds

In this book, thirty birds leave to find their king, Simurgh. Each bird represents a behaviour; The nightingale represents the lover, the peacock is the lost souls, ...

The birds have to cross 7 valleys to find Simurgh :
The valley of yearning
The valley of love
The valley of knowledge
The valley of detachment
The valley of unity
the valley of bewilderment
The valley of Selflessness and Oblivion in God
Those valleys represent also the stations that a Sufi must pass through to realize the true nature of God.

In my perception, as RUMI has said, if Attar has travelled through the seven valleys, we are still in the first alley.

The Alley of Love is the vision of this story that I experiment everyday, in my life and in my dialogue with stone.


Lives and works in Seclin (59)
Exhibition 2011 : Sculptures Maison Folie du Fort de Mons EC
Exhibition 2012 : Espace Culturel de Bondues EP

A life with art.
It’s in her father workshop (her father was woodcarver) that she first experiments volume. Amidst the tools, she plays with wood pieces and nails; in the garden, she starts to model faces with clay.

After business studies, she leaves for the USA where she stays a year and enjoys museums and art. After different experiences from aesthetics to archeology, she comes back to art studies.

She joins the Atelier du Baroeul. Her meeting in 1995 with the sculptor François Oliver will be her revelation :
Her taste for materials, the importance of the hand along the mind, the appreciation of incidents to go further, ... adding spirits and human vision in her approach. A vision on colour, on strength and on language.

Annie Haquette has worked on fragility, vulnerability, derision.

Her work translates her vision, tender and amused, poétic and dreamy, sometimes even melancholic.

Exhibition at the park : The take-off

Inspiration from Charles Baudelaire’s poems "Elévation" and "L’Albatros" in The Flowers of Evil

The Take-offl brings us in the magical universe of bird, or maybe the one of children, to leave the ground, rise and forget all concerns of misty everyday life. Through the purity of space,it allows to understand the language of flowers and of any mute thing.

The Take-off inspired from "Elévation" - The Flowers of Evil Charles Baudelaire

L'Envol"...You wing your way blithely through boundless space
With virile joy unspeakable.

Fly far, far away from this baneful miasma
And purify yourself in the celestial air,
Drink the ethereal fire of those limpid regions
As you would the purest of heavenly nectars.

Beyond the vast sorrows and all the vexations
That weigh upon our lives and obscure our vision,
Happy is he who can with his vigorous wing
Soar up towards those fields luminous and serene,

He whose thoughts, like skylarks,
Toward the morning sky take flight
— Who hovers over life and understands with ease
The language of flowers and silent things!

William Aggeler adaptation, The Flowers of Evil (Fresno, CA: Academy Library Guild, 1954)"


Lives and works in Hébécrevon (50)
Sculptor Concrete
2007 - Collective exhibition « Sacré béton », les Jardins de la Noria, Saint- Quentin la Poterie
2007 - Exhibition Normandie terre des Arts, La Chapelle Urée
2012 - Panorama, starting exhibition for the "espaces d’art actuel" network in schools, Musée Richard Anacréon, Granville

Website : www.monbeaubeton.com

Les Jonquilles

Exhibition at the park : Les Jonquilles

As if they had just fallen from the tree, as if they had just been deserted, are they natural homes for birds ?


Exhibition at the park : The DOMS

Like a brick,a "lego", a breeze block, a piece of construction with multiple usages...


Lives and work in Beaumont du Ventoux (84)
Outsider art
Website : arias.f.free.fr


Exhibition at the park : Elephant

In the Tea salon, visitors will discover Sophie Le Chat’s embroideries.


Lives and works in Paris
Sculptor, Embroidery
Website: sophielechat.com

"I was born in Brest in 1965, I live and work in Paris.

One of my grand-father was scrap merchant and the other one was auctioneer. It left traces of stories, of travels, and of aesthetics (ocean maps, japan, ..) and of recycling, repairs, transmission ...

My work is about time passing by, about the memory, the traces left, transmission, the string of life.
Tales, myths, legends arre part of a country, a population, a village, a family, an individual’s patrimony.

The body and the skin’s memories: scars, traces, scarifications.
Traces left, whether voluntarely or by chance, on earth or on materials.
Truth is on the surface, telling stories is putting history back in order.

Materials are the first step in my work: papers, gloves, blankets, embroidery copies, ocean maps, katagamis (japanese stencils made of brambles leaves), obis (japanese belts). (Japan fascinates me).

There is no hard technique in my work, no difficulty, the precision of my eye is my only know-how, I underline what is, I tell tales, I reassemble the string.

My ambition is to offer everyone a story to tell.

Je suis un loup

Exhibition at the park :«Fukushima», «The beautiful sleeper», «I am a wolf» et « Lady into Fox»

4 steps into a wordless tale, embroidered by hand on rough swiss army blankets. It is a story of transformation, desired or not: a legend and a reality, a human and animal, real and surreal, chaotic and calm, peacefull and hectic, dangerous and protective story.