A contemporary art visit

Your visit will be a great occasion to discover great contemporary art, through two different exhibitions.
The art pieces presented are all a loan from the artists, except for the piece presented by Ruta Jusionyte who decided to create a specific piece for the park’s exhibition. The pictures and the sculptures presented were carefully chosen by a pilot team on very specific criterias.

On Saturday afternoon, Peggy Casey Mason, local painter, will be in the park to paint and discuss with the visitors : pcaseym.com

All artists will be present during the weekend and will meet the visitors during two specific sessions (information on the animation page).


Presented on large canvas, attached to old giant bird cages, the photographers have chosen pictures to present their vision of the "Rendez-Vous aux Jardins" event theme : « Images of the garden »


Lives and works in Lignières Orgères (53)
Irving Penn’s assistant 1970 - 1973
Studied with Lissette Model 1970 – 1971
Exhibitions USA, Europe, Japan
Website : www.kurtstier.com

Exhibition at the park : "PLANTAGES"

Hair grass

ChiendentDigital black and white printing on canvas

PLANTAGE n. vegetation in general. (Obs.)

"The simple and the humble have always fascinated me. I constantly strive to communicate a clear representation of what something is about. Photography ensnares and fixes. Its quality is in recording moments, freezing time. Over a two-year period I set about collecting a variety ordinary plant life, often ignored, that one fines in the fields and along the roadsides. I would bring these specimens back to my makeshift “north-light” studio and photograph them with this natural light whose penetrating clarity can at times reveal the pure essence of an object. Reacting just to form without being distracted by considerations of color or the accidentals of its environment, I attempted to record the clear stillness, the simple physical presence that the specimen exhibited once placed before my camera in this three dimensional clarity of north-light."


Lives and work in Paris
2012 Exhibition in the parisian gallery Dufay/Bonnet
Trilogy TRACES (Paris, Habana, Tchernobyl)
Exhibited at the FIAP for the Mois de la Photography in Paris, 14th district
Website : www.tchernobylforever.org

La méduse atomique

Exhibition at the park : The inferno Garden

Digital colour printing on canvas

"Man creates gardens : he redesigns the structure of nature to demonstrate his vision of the world. Through the catastrophy he creates, Man also create terrible gardens.
In Tchernobyl, the nuclear explosion has given birth to a unique garden, an inferno garden, covering year after year all human traces.

An artist selection in the reportage on Tchernobyl he did in 2005. Responsablefor the Image Department of the 1st Tchernobyl University in Kiev, Ukraine.


Lives and works in Strasbourg
Photographe, visual artist, writer
Website : www.franck-horand-proteigraphies.com

Exhibition at the park : The garden’s illusion

"A visual experiment to reverse the codes in the understanding of a landscape, insisting ironically on the aesthetic confusion between reality and its reflection.

Nature knows no routes and no paths ... It might only accept the animal paws and sometimes our own glance, in its brambles growth and in its tree branches..."


Five artists have chosen sculptures around the idea of "an animal promenade".


Lives and works in Paris
Terra Cotta Sculptor
Exhibitions 2012 :
- Lille Art Fair
- Chapelle Ste-Anne (Nantes)
- Galerie Danièle Bourdette (Honfleur)
Website : ruta.free.fr


Exhibition at the park : Specific Creation on the animal/human hybrid (large size triptych).

Ruta Jusionyte’s example of work on the same theme :


Lives and works in Lignières Orgères (53)
Sculptor and Painter
Exhibition 2012 : Espace Culturel du Houlme à Briouze

Exhibition at the park : The Alley of Love

Granite and Wood / Size (cm) : 144 -152-162-172-181-191-201 / 2010
La Ruelle de l'Amour
Inspiration from The Conference of Birds, book of poems by Farid Al-Din Attar, Persian poet and philosopher
"Having drunk whole seas, we are amazed that our lips are still as dry as beaches. And always we search for the sea for dipping our lips, without seeing that our lips are the beaches. And that we are the sea."
Farid Al-Din Attar, Persian philosopher (12th century)

The Conference of the Birds

In this book, thirty birds leave to find their king, Simurgh. Each bird represents a behaviour; The nightingale represents the lover, the peacock is the lost souls, ...

The birds have to cross 7 valleys to find Simurgh :
The valley of yearning
The valley of love
The valley of knowledge
The valley of detachment
The valley of unity
the valley of bewilderment
The valley of Selflessness and Oblivion in God
Those valleys represent also the stations that a Sufi must pass through to realize the true nature of God.

In my perception, as RUMI has said, if Attar has travelled through the seven valleys, we are still in the first alley.

The Alley of Love is the vision of this story that I experiment everyday, in my life and in my dialogue with stone.


Lives and works in Seclin (59)
Exhibition 2011 : Sculptures Maison Folie du Fort de Mons EC
Exhibition 2012 : Espace Culturel de Bondues EP

A life with art.
It’s in her father workshop (her father was woodcarver) that she first experiments volume. Amidst the tools, she plays with wood pieces and nails; in the garden, she starts to model faces with clay.

After business studies, she leaves for the USA where she stays a year and enjoys museums and art. After different experiences from aesthetics to archeology, she comes back to art studies.

She joins the Atelier du Baroeul. Her meeting in 1995 with the sculptor François Oliver will be her revelation :
Her taste for materials, the importance of the hand along the mind, the appreciation of incidents to go further, ... adding spirits and human vision in her approach. A vision on colour, on strength and on language.

Annie Haquette has worked on fragility, vulnerability, derision.

Her work translates her vision, tender and amused, poétic and dreamy, sometimes even melancholic.

Exhibition at the park : The take-off

Inspiration from Charles Baudelaire’s poems "Elévation" and "L’Albatros" in The Flowers of Evil

The Take-offl brings us in the magical universe of bird, or maybe the one of children, to leave the ground, rise and forget all concerns of misty everyday life. Through the purity of space,it allows to understand the language of flowers and of any mute thing.

The Take-off inspired from "Elévation" - The Flowers of Evil Charles Baudelaire

L'Envol"...You wing your way blithely through boundless space
With virile joy unspeakable.

Fly far, far away from this baneful miasma
And purify yourself in the celestial air,
Drink the ethereal fire of those limpid regions
As you would the purest of heavenly nectars.

Beyond the vast sorrows and all the vexations
That weigh upon our lives and obscure our vision,
Happy is he who can with his vigorous wing
Soar up towards those fields luminous and serene,

He whose thoughts, like skylarks,
Toward the morning sky take flight
— Who hovers over life and understands with ease
The language of flowers and silent things!

William Aggeler adaptation, The Flowers of Evil (Fresno, CA: Academy Library Guild, 1954)"


Lives and works in Hébécrevon (50)
Sculptor Concrete
2007 - Collective exhibition « Sacré béton », les Jardins de la Noria, Saint- Quentin la Poterie
2007 - Exhibition Normandie terre des Arts, La Chapelle Urée
2012 - Panorama, starting exhibition for the "espaces d’art actuel" network in schools, Musée Richard Anacréon, Granville

Website : www.monbeaubeton.com

Les Jonquilles

Exhibition at the park : Nests

As if they had just fallen from the tree, as if they had just been deserted, are they natural homes for birds ?

Nadine Portier is also the designer of the benches in the Fairy Tale Circle, under the Grand Oak, where children will listen to the park’s tales.


Lives and work in Beaumont du Ventoux (84)
Outsider art
Website : arias.f.free.fr


Exhibition at the park : Elephant