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The countess of Miramon Pesteils and her family have decided to re-open the Parc de St Symphorien des Monts. To keep up with its original visionary intention while ensuring that the new park is rooted in today’s world, they have decided to adapt the Parc to what a 21st century park should be.
And from their point of view, it should tackle three major 21st century issues :

The 21st century is about seeing the extraordinary variety of nature as an asset to protect.

See more information on wildlife.
See more information on botanics, plants, wildlife or preservation techniques.

The 21st century is about adding creativity to everyone’s life in a simple and intuitive way.

More information on the creative approach, the competition and the artists.

The 21st century is about using virtual technology to better understand the world around us.

More information on the interactive aspect of the Parc.