Open every weekend and public holiday days between May 31 and August 31 (included)

Following our successful openings in 2012 and 2013 (over 3,000 visitors), the Association has chosen to open the Park even more often to the public by opening all weekends and bank holiday days this year between May 31st and August 31st (included).

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After three years of intensive work, the entire park is now accessible to visitors : from the walls that line the road to the lake in the forest at the bottom part of the Park. Discover these new spaces this year and enjoy a, pleasant nature walkfull of curiosities.


The park, of 60 hectares includes a long promenade, in various natural areas : a garden, a large meadow and a forest area around the big lake. Nature has been preserved, and the park is best explored with boots in wet weather, and walking shoes in dry weather.

Our new areas :
• The Lake : covering over one hectare, which visitors can walk all around. You can stop and sit to enjoy the beautiful scenery. When you walk all around the lake from the top, the entire park walk is an hour and a half.
• The nursery : in this new cleared area, you will discover the young trees free of any weeds. They represent the renewal of the park,. In this area, you can walk up to the old walls and contemplate the Mortain hill.

You will find all the information about places, trees and flowers through informative signs along the way.


History is all over the park and you can discover it as you walk through the park, thanks to informative panels :
• Park is typical 18th century English park, a wide meadow sloping down to a lake, bordered by magnificent trees and flowering giants shrubs. A gorgeous azalea alley and large rhododendron garden.
• 18th century cottage
• Park and cottage are listed as a Historic Monument
• Allée des Cartésières, Neolithic monument also listed as historical monument


This year, the park offers a unique gathering for outdoor contemporary art including works of Land Art. Thus, 13 works are presented, two of which are original creations for the Park.

Those are original creations by artists in residence at the Park during the month of May. During your visit, you can watch a video report of their creation in the Tea Room.
These two art works are the creations of :
• Myriam Roux , Stephanie Jacques and Nathalie Levasseur - international trio (Belgium, France, Quebec) of Land Art artists
• Emilie Oliviero, Marc Guignard, Helen Singer - Memory of a tree

Performance - As part of the creation of the work "Memory of a tree", a magnetic song will be performed by Helen Singer on Sunday, June 1 at 3pm on site.
This performance is an integral part of the art piece created and will be filmed. it will then be visible for visitors on a screen in the Tea Room for the rest of the season.

Children Workshop - The artists who created the "Memory of the tree" will be leading a workshop for children, on Saturday, May 31 at 2:30pm.

In the nursery, you can admire two photographic exhibitions :
• "Late Colours" - Thibault de Puyfontaine
• " Earth " - Patrick Rimond

Along the paths, you can discover sculptures and installations :
• Edline Bianco - " Celite "
• Patrice Liron - "Wolf"
• Michael Chauvel - "Around"
• Michael Chauvel - "The Temple of Time"
• Maurice Marie - "The Fruit Garden"
• Danièle Massu -Marie - " Au Bout du Fil "
• Didier Ferment and Ludivine Dumont (Artisans du vent) - "Blue Notes"
• Annette & Leslie - "Glumo"
• François Arias - " Elephant"
• François season - "Monster"

Discover in detail the artists and their works here


The park features everyday animals that differ slightly from their race standards ; you can see their pictures on the site. During your walk, informative panels on each animal are accessible to all.

To note this year :
• A very soft alpaca named Lulu.
• Unique : the three kind of existing peacocks, presented together : blue, white and green peacock
• Sika female deers (Japan)
• A couple of Lady Hamerst pheasants
• New ornamental chickens : Japanese dwarf hens Nagasaki
• White and Black swans, Mandarin, Carolin and Morillon ducks

This year, two deer observation huts have been built, including one well hidden in the trees to be more invisible. They provide a better facility to watch these magnificent animals.

Our park is not a zoo : animals who live here are unbound and kept as close as possible to their natural habitats.

Discover more information about animals by clicking here


This year, the little ones will be able to pet and touch our small animals in the Hair Ball House. Three times a day, they may approach, touch, caress, feed, groom and play with giant and dwarf rabbits, sweet dwarf goats ...
Led by a volunteer who will guide them in their approach, children will safely interact with the animals.
Hours : 11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Opening Hours

• From 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
• Ticket office closes at 17:30


• 20€ Family Package (2 adults / 2 children ) and 2€ per additional child
• Group packages : 5€/adult and 2€/child ; from 12 people (needs prior-booking at the Park)
NEW - 2014 SEASON PASS - individual registered pass providing free access to every opening day 2014 : 20€ (adult)/ 12€ (children)

Full rates
• Adult 8€
• Child (5-18 years) 5€ / Free for children under 5 years
• On presentation of their full ticket price, visitors receive the group rate during their second visit at the park on another weekend. Offer valid only once.

Disabled Rates
• 5€ Adult / Child (5-18 years) 2€
• Upon presentation of Handicap registration

Available services

• Program and plan offered to each visitor
• Free parking inside the park
• Toilets on site - not accessible to a wheelchair
• Tea Salon for crêpes, drinks, cakes, souvenirs
• Traditional Games for children - self-service
• Picnic area in the centre of the Park

Dedicated volunteer to host the visit of persons with disabilities - Central Disabled access available upon request. For more information, leave a message 02 33 51 64 09. We will call you to help organize best your visit.

Tea Salon

• Savoury and sweet pancakes (crêpes)
• Hot and cold drinks
• Cakes, ice creams and sweets
• Works of art and artists books
• Souvenirs (postcards, stickers, mugs and magnets, and other surprises)


No dogs , even on leash.


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